Finally what can be said about the impact of TV is that it can be both good and bad. Most of the time it all depends on who is watching. Similar to what was mentioned in the arguments above it has been proven that the television is not all bad or all good, but both.

The first supportive argument discusses the bad language of the television. The argument discusses around three main impairing factors, which are profanity, informality and slang. Despite that watching TV impairs you language, the counter post states that it can also help people develop their vocabulary. Although the counter post had well-presented arguments the supporting argument was stronger, due to the fact that it had a more reliable source.   

The second supportive argument discusses the bad knowledge that TV provides. Besides the fact that the arguments are enhanced by good sources they also clearly affirm what people believe in general. The counter post about good knowledge did not have as strong arguments as the supportive argument.

The counter and supportive argument regarding TV’s influence on one, has shown that the side effects of watching TV is rather bad than good. The reason why it is considered more trustworthy is because of its sources, which are medical doctors. Not only could the scientific inquiry be read, but it could also be seen in the society. It is reasonable that children’s health deteriorates annually, due to the fact that they are prioritizing media before a social life.

Finally what can be concluded about television is that overall it does not have a good impact on people. It might be entertaining but nevertheless it all depends on whom and what their watching. Therefore stop watching, start living!

/Sandrella Alkzair, Anahita Asadi and Feven Habtu  

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Good Influence form watching TV

The television does not only grant bad influence, in fact many times the society witnesses the good influence it provides. One can see how people’s lives change to the better, and also how they influence others. All these good things can come about because of the televisions existences and impact.    

To begin with a lot of celebrities have a tremendous impact on the public. Due to their status, every move they make is influencing someone. However most of all they are big inspirations to countless people. For example the singer Justin Bieber has proven that anything can happen, with his new movie “Never say Never”. He was just a boy who posted some YouTube clips and then became a huge star. His life has given people a lot of inspiration and hope. Further this movie is just the icing on the cake.

In addition there are also TV-shows that affects one in a good way. One program that provides inspiration to people with obesity is “The Biggest Loser”. The program is about people that struggle with their body, and trainers help them lose weight. The biggest loser has changed many lives, and it definitely is a good influence. Another very influential show is “Oprah Winfrey”. According to Forbes Oprah is the world´s most influential women in media. This is something that Forbes states and it is fully reliable because they are not the only ones saying this about Oprah. Her talk-show has trough ages made people change their lives to the better. In addition in an article made by Times they talk about Winery’s good influence on people. This has been proven in many episodes of her shows but also reckoned by magazines.

All in all, what can be said is that the television has a lot of good influence on one. It is important to consider that TV is not all bad, and instead think on how much it has improved the world, by helping individuals enhance their lives. 

/Sandrella Alkzair

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Bad Influence From Watching TV

It is hard not to blame the television for children’s health today.  Entertainment news, reality shows and last but not least, commercials are dominating people’s night and even day. The children are receiving bad influence by watching entertainment news with sick and bulimic celebrities trying to look stunning and commercials containing liqueur and other inconvenient products.  

To begin with, the first two years of a child’s life are very important due to their brain development. According to Kids Health, about 70 % of infants and toddlers watch TV approximately 2 hours a day. These numbers are frightening due to the influence of TV. Not only does the television contain bad information in commercials and such, but it is mainly taking time from the child’s possibility to explore the world. This is later on affecting the children’s physical and social development.

When a child grows older, the addiction to TV becomes even more serious. Nowadays kids and teens, between 8 and 18 years old spend three times much time in front of the TV in comparison to the toddlers.  As it may have been noticed, lately, the purpose and the content of TV has changed. Many shows are not intended for children and that increase the risky behavior among children and teens. Reality shows similar to “Big Brother” and “The Hills” is marketing sex and drugs as a cool and exciting abuse. In the world famous hit show “Gossip Girl”,  parties, sex and alcohol are often connected to people from higher society;  rich people. The message that appears in the show makes teens lose the grasp of reality which has its consequences. Studies has shown that children/teens who have watched TV with a lot sexual relationships and alcohol usage is more likely to participate in “adult activities” earlier that its classmates or friends who do not watch shows with similar purpose.

TV has a bad influence on children, but also young adults. Let the children grow up, develop to healthy adult and be influenced by the real world.

The pictures are showing ads from Gossip Girl in New York.

/Anahita Asadi

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Good Knowledge From Watching TV


People learn from everything they experience and grasp. They might not be aware of it until they use what they have learned in action. As declared earlier TV owners spend 2 hours and 55 minutes every day of their spear time watching television, which means that they grasp something new daily from watching television shows.

However, according to artsreformation the programs on television are educational factors. Yet, it should be considered that this source might not be fully trustworthy, due to the fact that the site is a secondary source. When watching television one can explore places and thing that they otherwise would not have the possibility to see. Individuals can learn how civilizations work, not only in their location but also in other parts of the world. That is to say that they have the possibilities to develop their understanding within a culture or perhaps get introduced to new one. Despite the exploration of places and cultures, watching TV allows children to extend their way of thinking, solving problems and predicting. This statement is made by Carey Bryson at

The television has successfully grown into a tool of communication. For instance, the everyday news broadcast. Daily, people are feed with vital news by reporters. The information can be for safety, educational or informative reasons. For example, how would the world be able to follow the tragedy in Japan without watching TV? Another example of an informative and also worthwhile show would be Teen mothers, which is a show that airs on MTV every afternoon. The purpose of the show is to educate youths that are sexually active, what unsafe intimate relationships can lead into.

All in all, television is a communicator and an educator. It provides people with vital and worthwhile information, which allows them to extend their knowledge. The programs might not be trustworthy, but it gives people the chance to assimilate, compare and criticize sources.

/ Feven Habtu


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Bad knowledge from TV

The television can provide a lot of knowledge, both good and bad. Yet, most of the time it is bad facts. To begin with people have through ages said that violent movies have a bad impact on children. A research made by “Luleå Tekniska Universitet”, about film influence proves that a lot of youngsters are affected by violent movies. In addition it is not just the action that is the issue, but also the fantasy in the movies. Children that watch Spider-Man can easily believe that they could fly in reality, or that it is acceptable to fight. The violence, action and the fantasy are harmful and misleading knowledge for children.

Further there are programs like “Efterlyst” that can provide both good and bad knowledge. What determents if it is good or bad information is who is watching. For example if a criminal watches “Efterlyst” it is assumable that he or she learn from it, but do not use the knowledge for a good purpose. They might learn how the police function and then use it to their advantage.

Another thing that one can forget while watching TV, is that the programs do not always portray the right message or fact. An illustration is when news anchors present news in that situation it all depends on how they portray the news. Also sometimes when facts are presented on a country it can easily become opinionated and therefore it can lead to an incorrect impression of that country. One similar example is that people in general perceive the newspaper “Svenska Dagbladet” as right wing and “Aftonbladet” as left wing.   

To sum up, what can be said is that there is lot of bad knowledge on television even if people choose to think about it or not. It can be everything from violent movies to news broadcasts. This is something significant to consider while watching TV. It is equally important to also understand that the impact of the programs depends on who is watching. 

 /Sandrella Alkzair

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Good language from watching TV

Lot of cursing, bad influence and violence; is that how mankind chooses to define the television? It can be agreeable that cursing is big part in some TV-shows, but not all. It can also be agreeable that violence has a bad impact on children. Yet, the god things about TV can not be forgotten.  A good language is among many positive qualities that TV provides the mankind with.

To begin with, different programs and shows make our language flourish. The language that is spoken in TV is varied and it makes us more aware of different accents that are spoken but also the usage of vocabulary we may not be recognized with. Not only does the television give us the possibilities to expand our vocabulary, it also gives us the option to learn a new language.

Scandinavians are known as good English speaking foreigners, mainly because of the flow and pronunciation.  Which optional electronic device could possibly be developing the non- foreigners English? Indeed, TV it is! According to Learn English , English-speaking movies and TV-shows has especially made Swedes to build up their abilities to speak English. Although, this site is only assuming the information above, and therefore it may not be reliable. The author is also unknown. Yet, according to Kids Health, TV can be an excellent educator.  

To conclude; when there is a cheap, entertaining and amusing way to expand one’s language or even learn a new language, why focus on the bad language that are spoken in TV? Unlike society there are some limits in TV. It is possible to zap between the channels if the content is not suitable for one’s taste. To consider TV instead of expensive language lessons is rather a question of common sense, than financial.

/Anahita Asadi

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Bad Language From Watching TV

As said, the television has with time grown into a routine in our daily basis. Today the television plays a huge role in our lives. People might not be aware of or forget what an impact the television shows have on human beings in general. Since the shows that are airing nowadays are getting more and more realistic, it makes it easier for different individuals to take what they have learned into their own lives. An example would be the language that is presented on TV shows today.

According to a report from the guardian, children in pre and elementary schools are influenced by bad language due to the fact that shows are using language that is inappropriate for youngsters. However another report from states that children easily take and use what they have picked up from their surroundings. In this case the language spoken around them. As a result to that the author’s name is not stated at the end of the article, the source should be considered less reliable.

Despite the inappropriate language, another linguistic impairing factor is the incorrect grammar that is submitted in different circumstances. It has gotten more common to use informal language, profanity and slang in reality shows than in others programs such as documentaries and news broadcasts. Although television can be a developing factor of new vocabulary and language in general, who can assure the watchers what is a trustworthy source and what is not?

However it would be quite ignorant to say that all the programs that are airing have a negative impact on people’s language. Truth is that it depends on what people are watching. Still, how often do parents control what their toddlers are watching and if it is appropriate or not? These days parents do not supervise their children while watching TV, which is a shame since they are frequently complaining on that their children use profanity.

/ Feven Habtu

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